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Montage d’un kitesurf trip dans les antilles. Au départ de Marie Galante (Guadeloupe) vers Barbuda à la recherche de spots encore jamais ridés… Cette vidéo a était diffusé par le célébre Kite Magazine DVD : STANCE — NUMERO 33 ! réalisation : HUGO FUSTIER =>

The southern tip of Sydney Australia is home to one of the most treacherous waves on the planet: “Ours” at Cape Fear. This deadly slab breaks just inches above the rocky bottom and next to a jagged cliff, offering absolutely no room for mistake. For the past decade, surfers, bodyboarders, and bodysurfers alike have put their life on the line to test their wits at the death slab. Twelve of the world’s best surfers will be tasked with the ultimate challenge at Red Bull Cape Fear, a head-to-head surf show down at one of the deadliest waves on the planet.

Kristen Maloney – 2000 Sydney Olympics Women’s Gymnastics Prelims – Vault

See how Interlux’s Interprotect has been safeguarding boat hulls for over 30 years.

Extend the life of your boat’s finish by caring for it with Awlwash and Awlcare products.

The TF-7754 Tri-Fold ATV ramps feature all lightweight aluminum construction that won’t rust over time, and makes using and storing the ramps a breeze. Weighing in at 33.5 lbs these ramps make loading your ATV a one man job. The square tubing aluminum design and heavy-duty hinges combine to provide a massive 1,500 lb weight limit, allowing them to accommodate nearly any ATV out there. When not in use these ATV ramps fold to just 5 1/2″ high so they won’t take up tons of space in your garage or truck bed and fit between your ATV tires. The full width attaching lips have rubber strips on the underside that help keep the ramp in place and also prevent them from scratching your tailgate. Each folding aluminum ATV ramp includes two adjustable safety straps and a 1 year warranty.

See some of WWE’s most head-splitting brainbusters by Eddie Guerrero, Koko B. Ware, Finn Bálor and more.